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Cornerstone Campus

At Cornerstone Campus, learning is a hands-on and creative process that engages children in direct experiences, appropiate for their stage of development.

It is our goal to create a stimulating, emotionally supportive environment in which each child can grow and thrive.


We encourage children to become independent learners who are confident in their abilities and capable of managing themselves.

Tuesday Nov 7

No School - Election Day

Friday Nov 10

No School - Veterans Day


Cornerstone Campus Preschool

81 Prospect Avenue

Quincy, MA 0217

Tel: 617-774-0272

Wed Nov 22 - Fri Nov 24

No School - Thanksgiving Recess



This month we will conduct our school wide evacuation drill. Teachers will review and practice evacuation procedures before our announced evacuation.


Next month the evacuation drill will occur unannounced.


This month we will have a visit from the Quincy Fire Department. The firefighters will show the children their firefighting equipment and trucks.

No School:

Monday, October 10th - Columbus Day

Tuesday, November 7th - Election day

Friday, November 10th - Veterans day

Week of
Oct 16 - 20

Fire Safety Week

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Oct 17 & 18

Quincy Fire Department School Visit

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